Don't let Mother Nature be the only one turning over A New Leaf this season!

Today is the Autumnal Equinox and I am going to do two things.  First, I am going to see if it is true that you can balance an egg on its end.  The idea that an egg could balance on this particular day comes from the thought that  during the equinox a special gravitational balance exists and therefore an egg is less likely to fall over.*

Secondly, I am going to schedule my first solo class and I am super excited about it! You may have read my previous posts about Thieves and the reason why I am so committed to eliminating toxic chemicals from my home.  The Young Living Thieves product line is one of their most popular and also the most versatile; you can find Thieves products to clean your home, your dishes, your clothes, and even your teeth; all the while supporting your family’s health, which is especially important during the approaching cold weather seasons.  AND, something that is very important to me, is that replacing toxic, mainstream products with completely safe products works out to be significantly cheaper! You can keep your home chemical-free and reduce the toxin burden on your family, as well as protect them from endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins and carcinogens, while saving money AND supporting their immune system each time they wash their hands?! Don’t you want to know more?

Can I tell you why I am so excited about this class?

1)  I get to spend time with my friends and hopefully meet new ones.
2) I have the privilege of sharing my experience about something I am passionate about and which I believe is beneficial for my family’s well being.
3) I get to plan fun DIY activities using Thieves Household Cleaner, so that my guests get to take some ‘Thieves-magic’ home with them to try.
4) Making DIY’s also means I get to use my brand new, prized Cricut machine to make labels for our DIY projects (my new favourite anti-stress activity!).
5)  I even figured out how my Instant Pot can join the fun – I can use it to make hot, Thieves-infused apple cider; question is – should it be alcohol free? Nah! I’ll use my baby Instant Pot for that! 🙂

*Oh, and by the way – I know that getting the egg to stand on its end is a myth. I also know that I have  sufficient information to help you reach the same level of confidence that I have in Young Living’s Thieves products.

First published Sept 22nd 2018


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