Signing with your baby makes life easier for EVERYONE!!
Signing with babies is just fantastic!! It gives them a way to communicate before they can talk; it allows them to use gestures to easily express their needs, thoughts and feelings until they have actual words.
I teach using The Baby Signs® Program which is based on American Sign Language (ASL) but with “baby-friendly” modifications to make them easier for babies to do; for example blowing for “hot,” pinching fingers as if picking up Cheerios for “cereal,” and panting for “dog.”  
Signing is about communication, understanding, and intimacy between you and your baby. In the end, whatever signs you use, you are opening the world to your baby and opening your baby’s world to you.
Both babies and parents love sign language. 
It makes life easier: Let’s pretend that you are in a foreign country where you cannot speak the language.  How did you feel when people couldn’t understand you? This is what babies deal with every single day! Signing gives babies a way to get around the “language barrier” while they are waiting for their mouths and vocal chords to catch up with their minds. And this makes life much easier for everybody!
It’s natural: If you think about it we use signs and gestures in our daily lives without thinking about it.  Can you think of a gesture that you would use to hurry someone up if you were trying to avoid being late? You would tap your wrist, right? What would I be telling you if I were to cross my arms and pretend to shiver? You would know that I was cold.  There are countless gestures that we are all able to understand. 
Other than crying, babies only have their hands and bodies to communicate with us; they use gestures for ‘yes’ and ‘no’; they know how to ask to be picked up… they come up to you and raise their arms to be lifted – we all always teach our babies to wave ‘bye-bye’ too!
These gestures are great communication tools for babies, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Babies are capable of learning many more than just a few gestures — as signing babies around the world are proving every day. 
Parents love the Baby Signs® Program too because it makes life so much easier and so much more fun! How many of  us have ever been up in the middle of the night with a crying baby? A baby who, no matter what you did, would not stop crying? 
How did you feel at the time? Frustrated, helpless, worried…? 
How do you think baby felt?    Frustrated, helpless, scared…?
By introducing signing you won’t have to guess what your baby is trying to tell you in the middle of the night. You can know if she’s hungry, if her ear hurts or if something is making her afraid. Life is easier when there’s less frustration and less crying!

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AND, the best thing about the Baby Signs® Program is that it is fun. I have soooo many cool stories to share with you!
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