My Top Two Reasons to Ditch and Switch Using Essential Rewards

My Top Two Reasons to Ditch and Switch Using Essential Rewards

First of all – here are my Top 2 Reasons… 🙂

Secondly, I don’t feel like I have done the most brilliant job possible of explaining what a blessing Young Living is for those of us who want to lead a healthier, toxin-free life-style.  I am thankful everyday for having been introduced to the company. Yes, the products are fantastic, but my admiration for Young Living began by reading all about the global causes it supports (

I have already shared what triggered our family’s decision to remove chemical toxins from our home in an earlier post.  But, the switch was made possible and easy when I finally decided to join Young Living’s monthly subscription program known as ER (Essential Rewards).  When I first became a wholesale member my friend suggested that I also sign up for ER.  For weeks I told her that our budget was too tight and I couldn’t possibly afford to spend $50 a month on oils! However, having decided that I was going to run my own Young Living business it seemed wise to try as many products as possible – to effectively share and recommend to others one must be ‘a product of the product.’  I KNOW now that joining Essential Rewards has saved me money – the products are better, healthier, kinder to the environment, and they last FOREVER!! I am STILL using the same bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner that I got last May even though I have used it to make DIY products for Thieves classes that I have taught.  My face cream, shampoo, and conditioner have lasted months and are still going strong. I am only just about to finish the laundry soap that I bought in August (despite the many visitors we had over the summer and Christmas).  I would never recommend something I didn’t believe in, something I didn’t think would add value to your life.

Ordering on Essential Rewards (ER) is the best way to save money and consistently support the health of your family.  If you’re not already an ER member, I highly recommend joining before you place your next order.  At the end of this post I have included suggestions for how to replace items you are already purchasing with items from Young Living (this is known as redirective spending); but using close to the minimum required monthly volume (which is approx $50).

Before you read any further, and because I am so confident that you will love your ER subscription – I want to tell you that I will give everyone that signs up for ER (using my membership number as sponsor and enroller) a special gift. 5 labelled roller bottles, a bottle of fractionated coconut oil and a bunch of recipes so you can get started straight away making your own rollers using your Premium Starter Kit.

Perks to ordering through ER

  • You will earn ER points for every ER order placed, and you can then cash them in for free products via Quick Order.
  • Free gifts at months 3, 6, 9, and 12 and free bonus products when you order 100PV, 190PV, 250PV or 300PV in one order.
  • Cheaper shipping.
  • The ability to join YL GO ($59 annually for 12 orders) or YL GO+ ($129 annually for 12 ER and 24 quick orders), these are FREE 2-4 day shipping subscriptions. One year of YL GO saves 3x the shipping costs. This is like Amazon, only better!
  • You can change the products in your cart and your shipping date every month.
  • You can cancel ER at any time and even rejoin with no penalty. BUT cash in your ER points before you cancel so you don’t lose your points.

The graphic below shows everything you would’ve received for free in 2018 if you had qualified for all the Essential Rewards promotions. To earn that much in rewards, you may worry that you would have to spend a huge amount. Here is the reality – there were 8 months where the top tier promotion was at the $300 level, and 4 months at $400; so, if you had spent the full amount each month – your total spending for 2018 would have been $4000.  With ER points, 10% of PV value in months 1-3, 20% back in months 4-24, 25%* back in months 25+, you spend $4000, but you receive $2,724.53 in product for FREE!

But… that’s not all! Considering you were on ER you would also have accrued ER points.  Let’s assume you joined ER in January and started at 10% rewards – by the end of the year you would end up with 710 points to redeem for even more free product! So – $2724 + $710 = $3434.  That’s 85% of what you spent! If you were earning the full 25%, you’d get 1000 points back – putting you at 93% rewards! Also – this is not ‘extra’ money that you are spending – this is money you would be spending anyway – on laundry soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, cleaning products AND oils!! Essential Rewards doesn’t *cost* you money, it SAVES you money!

ER is the no-brainer, cost-effective way to be consistent in supporting overall health.

Click HERE for the Essential Rewards promotions for this month.

Click on this HERE to find out more about Essential Rewards and the shipping options; YL GO and YL GO+

Ultimately, you are rewarded for being on ER and don’t actually have to spend any more money than you might otherwise. YOUR agreement for these perks is to spend at least 50PV (approx $50) a month for your Essential Rewards order.  Considering Young Living manufactures many other product lines beyond essential oils and Thieves, it is therefore possible to have many of your daily needs delivered monthly to your door.  You can purchase your beauty products, your supplements, your make up, products formulated for your infants, children and even pets; as well as healthy food and cooking equipment.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Month By Month Guide to Using ER to Ditch and Switch in One Year.

Month 1

Ningxia Red 750ml x 2 – Item #3042 – $73.00

Contains a great whole food source of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins, as well as therapeutic grade essential oils of yuzu, lemon, tangerine and orange. It contains natural antioxidants which protect the body against free radicals. Free radicals create cell oxidation; therefore Ningxia Red may help prevent against oxidative stress.. Gogi berries have the highest levels of naturally occurring, age defying S-ORAC activity. Studies have shown that S-ORAC supports cardiovascular health, supports healthy immune function and supports healthy eye function. May support natural detoxing process on a daily basis.

Month 2 – 62.50PV

Thieves Home Cleaning Kit  – Item #20421 – $79.75


  • Citrus Fresh™ Essential Oil Blend 5 ml
  • Lemon Essential Oil 5 ml
  • Pine Essential Oil 5 ml
  • Purification® Essential Oil Blend 5 ml
  • Thieves® Essential Oil Blend 5 ml
  • Thieves® Household Cleaner 14.4 oz.
  • Carrying Case
  • Stainless Steel Bucket
  • Amber Glass Spray Bottle 16 oz.
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Cleaning Recipe Booklet

*This product is often out of stock so order it soon if it’s available!

Month 3 – 59PV

Thieves Household Cleaner* – Item #3743 – $22.50

*You may want to choose a different product if you ordered the Home Cleaning Kit

Remember that this cleaner is meant to be diluted. As a wholesale member you pay only $22.50; but guess what? If you do the math; this means you can make over twenty eight 16 fl.oz. spray bottles of all-purpose cleaner for $0.78!

Thieves Foaming Hand Wash – Item #3643 – $36.50

Month 4 – 54PV

 Thieves Laundry Soap  – Item #5349 – $29.50

This product also goes a long way – most laundry loads only require 1 tsp of soap as it’s very highly concentrated.

Thieves Bar Soap  – Item #3679 – $10.50

Keep your Thieves bar soap in your laundry room and use it as a stain stick.

Thieves Dish Soap – Item #5350 – $14.00

Month 5 – 51-54.75PV

Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste – Item #3039 – $10.50

Thieves Dentarome Plus Toothpaste – Item #3738 – $6.75

Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste – Item #20194 – $9.00

Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash – Item #3683 – $11.25

Thieves Hard Lozenges – Item #3282 – $19.00

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier – Item #3622 – $14.00

Month 6 – 54.50PV

Thieves Fruit and Vegetable Soak – Item #5352 – $19.75

Thieves Automatic Dishwasher Powder – Item #5762 – $25.50

Thieves Spray 1 oz  – Item #3265 – $9.25

Month 7 – 57PV

 Deep Relief Roll-On – Item #3534 – $27.50

Tranquil Roll-On – Item #3533 – $29.50

Month 8 – 68.50PV

Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 – Item #24137 – $29.75

Insect Repellent – Item #20701 – $38.75

Month 9 – 64.25PV

Life 9 – Item #18299 – $29.50

ImmuPro Chewable Tablets – Item #3213 – $34.75

Month 10 – 60.50PV

OmegaGize  – Item #3097 – $60.50

Month 11 – 67.25PV

Hair Care Products – Shampoo – Item #various – $20.25 – $23.25

Hair Care Products – Conditioner – Item #various – $20.25 – $23.25

Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil – Item #23705 – $26.75

Month 12 – 61.25PV

Sandalwood Moisture Cream – Item #5148 – $61.25

* If you have young children I have a list that may be more appropriate for you than this one – please reach out and I will email it to you.

But really, the reason I am doing ALL of this is these two…

First published February 5, 2019

'Costco-like membership' +'rewards credit card' + 'Amazon Prime' = Young Living GO!

'Costco-like membership' +'rewards credit card' + 'Amazon Prime' = Young Living GO!

Good, Better, Best (value)

When I was first researching the Young Living enrollment options I read an analogy that compared Young Living to “Costco meets Amazon meets cash-back credit card”…. And I thought…, “wait, what?”!

So, let me break it down for you.

First of all… if you want to try one Young Living product but you are absolutely sure that you will never ever want to order again then you can sign-up as a Retail Customer and buy great products at retail prices. This is a good option if you are NEVER going to order again.

If you think that perhaps you might want to order more than just one product then you can sign-up as a Wholesale Member. This is where the comparison to Costco comes in. By signing up as a Wholesale Member, you get great products at 24% off. You also get to select one of several membership kits, which start at $45, to make sure that you get started with all that you need. Plus you get member exclusive offers, for example, participation in unique events such as the annual International Grand Convention – I went to Utah in June and had such a blast! So, becoming a member is the better value option: it’s also ‘a must’ if you are thinking of sharing the Young Living lifestyle to get commission or ‘Thank You’ checks. When you sign up to become a Wholesale Member you will automatically be subscribed as a Distributor but let me assure you that there is ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION to ever share YL. The only requirement is to place a $50 order at least once a year to maintain your Wholesale membership.

However, the best value option, and how I have enrolled, is on ‘Essential Rewards’. To subscribe to ER, you need to put in a monthly order with a minimum PV of $50. So, what’s PV – I hear you ask – this stands for Purchase Volume and most (but not all) products have a PV. Normally products have their “full PV” which means that 1 US Dollar wholesale price equals 1PV. So, for about $50 a month, Essential Rewards gets you all the benefits of being a Wholesale Member, plus you earn points back on everything you order – in effect, you are collecting reward points each and every month to redeem against future orders. This is where the comparison to a cash-back credit card comes to effect: you get 10% worth of reward points back on your order for the first three months, 20% back for months 4-24 and 25% back for months 25+. In addition you get free gifts at 3, 6 and 9 months of consecutive orders, including an exclusive ER only “Loyalty” oil at 12 months. Plus, you get discounted shipping (a la Amazon).

In fact, it was announced this week that ER members can subscribe to YL Go ($59 for 12 months) and YL GO+ ($129 for 12 months) to take advantage of fast, easy and free shipping credits with priority order processing. This brings the average cost per shipment down to $4.92 and $3.58 respectively. This means that a subscription could save over $122 annually on shipping – or more than 10x the amount an ER member is currently paying on shipping (based on subscription to YL GO+). I can tell you that I am ABSOLUTELY going to be taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

For more information, see Young Living Essential Rewards.

*Edited 10/1/2020 to add that YL Go and YL GO+ are no longer available, but all orders over 100PV get free shipping. Please remember to change the shipping option from STANDARD to ECONOMY for this change to be applied.
First published September 7, 2018