Thieves stole my heart!

I am in love!
I am besotted!
I am obsessed!

The object of my affections stands 8 inches tall, smells like Christmas, cleans my ENTIRE house and saves me money too!  I’m talking about Young Living’s Thieves ultra-concentrated household cleaner.  It is 14.4 fl. oz of pure magic!  You can sign up and get the Thieves Premium Starter Kit for $125

Thieves Household Cleaner is a naturally derived, plant-based cleaner powered by pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils to replace harsh chemicals in your home.  The natural ingredients used are well known to be non-toxic, non-irritant and to increase solubility and help remove dirt.

In my past life I was a pharmaceutical microbiologist and it would be remiss of me to not urge you to ‘Google’ Young Living Thieves petri dish experiments!  I love that I can have my children help with household chores and not have to worry about them breathing in toxic fumes.

But, aside from the efficacy of the product, there is more good news! As a wholesale member you pay only $22.50; but guess what? If you do the math; this means you can make over twenty eight 16 fl.oz. pump bottles of all purpose cleaner for $0.78!

You MUST try Thieves! If you don’t believe me; then see what my dear friend Rachel has to say on her blog, An Essential Life, about Thieves Household Cleaner versus Dog Poop!

First published June 24, 2018


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