Why cleaning up your laundry routine is a must - especially if you have babies and young children.

Why cleaning up your laundry routine is a must - especially if you have babies and young children.

Did you know that babies and small kids as are especially sensitive to toxic chemicals? This is because relative to their body size, and given their more permeable skin, they absorb much more of their environment than adults.

Our skin is our largest organ and we are almost always being exposed to the ingredients in our laundry soap; we wear clothes, we use towels, we sleep on sheets…

Most traditional laundry detergents are full of endocrine disruptors (think: ‘messing with your hormones’), as well as carcinogens, skin and respiratory irritants. Also, researchers have also found that dryer vents can emit more than 7 hazardous air pollutants!! 😟

If there were to be one place to look at starting to make changes – the laundry room would be a good one!!

As you probably all know – I love to have things that fit in to a tight budget. The national average cost per load of laundry detergent (in the USA) is $0.21...

Want to know how much we spend?!

$0.6 a load!! Seriously! When I sat down and did the calculations, this result was even better than I expected!

AND...what I use is not only significantly cheaper, it is 100% plant-based, free of toxic chemicals and great for the environment! 💚

With an initial investment of around $60 worth of product you can make enough detergent to wash over 890 loads of laundry!! Now THAT is amazing value!! ESPECIALLY considering you are also keeping your family safe!? Amazing, right?! 

I can help you do this!! You’ve nothing to lose and so much to gain. A fatter wallet and a healthier home; with more balanced emotions to boot!! You've got to try this!!

If you want the recipe just click here and I will send it to you for free - along with some other useful laundry room hacks! 

If you are worried about not being a DIY person – let me assure you… this takes just minutes and it is SUPER simple!! I promise!

Help ME to help YOU!

Help ME to help YOU!
I want to support you the best way that I can by making sure you are getting as much, or as little, contact and information from me as you wish. In order to best serve you, I have put together this questionnaire 📃 - it shouldn't take too long to fill out, it is only 4 little questions...⏳

AND - to make sure it is worth your while - I will add your name to a prize drawing for a $25 credit to your account 🥂 (if you are already a YL member) - but, if you have not yet joined, I will send you $25 towards your enrollment kit 🎉. What do you think? I am excited!! 😊

Also - as a bonus, if you go to the blog post below this one, and let me know which text series you'd be interested in receiving, I will add your name to the prize draw again (once for each topic).  I am pretty bad at maths, but those odds seem pretty good to me?!

See the questionnaire below...

A learning curve is essential to GROWTH!

A learning curve is essential to GROWTH!
rintFriHere it is!! 🥳 Here is the full list of oily education I have available for you (so far, because more content will be added each month)!  I don’t really like calling them classes, they are more like snippets of information.

The way this works is really very clever (though I say so myself 🙂 🤫)! My phone number gives me the ability to create and deliver content on demand, but, that is the ONLY automated part of this process; the messages are from me, and the messages are private between us.  You can text me with questions at any time and I would be thrilled to help you.

The text messages are set up in 2 different ways; some are scheduled to be delivered once or twice a day for a few consecutive days; and some are scheduled to be delivered every few minutes, but all in one block (like an hour).  I have tried to offer a choice of delivery method, but not all the ‘classes’ have that option.  You can stop getting the messages at any time, just text me and let me know that you’d like to be removed from future messages.

Why did I put these together? Because I want you to have the opportunity to learn about oils and other Young Living products, from the convenience of your phone; where you can select the information you’d like to have, and have it delivered in short, manageable messages.  Personally, I rarely read emails, and I know that lots of people don’t use social media.  I also know that it is hard to attend in-person classes and events.

So, to me – this seemed like a perfect way to offer you some education to support your wellness journey in a non intrusive and simple way. I sincerely hope you’ll take advantage of this resource (because I worked REALLY hard on it – 🤫🤣).

I feel like I haven’t been as good at providing information as I could have, mostly because I didn’t know where to start. 🤷‍♀️ Putting together this list, is my solution to being able to reach out to you and give you the opportunity to learn as much, or as little, as you want.

For future educational opportunities I will send you a message with an opt-in option.

You can select more than one class and I will make sure the information is sent to you.

AND – as a thank you for participating, I will add your name to a drawing for a $25 account credit!

Your independent Oily Education begins here (see form below, and remember you can select more than one series):

Need a quick recap on the starter kit oils?

Need a quick recap on the starter kit oils?

What on Earth is an iTOVi?

What on Earth is an iTOVi?

iTOVi is a scanning device that ranks galvanic skin response (GSR) measurements. Galvanic skin response is also referred to as electrodermal activity or skin conductance testing. The iTovi measures those reactions through bioimpedance technology, the same technology commonly used in fitness trackers. During a scan, the iTOVi uses this technology to send stimuli to the body, and can recommend the oils/supplements that would be most appropriate. The makers of iTOVi have scanned all the Young Living oils and supplements, and have a record of all the products’ frequencies; in this way, the iTOVi is able to use this library to match up the scan results to product recommendations.

Let’s look at it another way… have you ever rubbed your feet on carpet and shocked someone?  Yes? This is because we, as humans, are designed to conduct (and produce) electricity.  It is because of this phenomenon that the iToVi scanner can measure your unique electrical frequency and compare it to the frequency of Young Living’s supplements and oils.

iTOVi doesn’t diagnose or treat disease. It’s not going to tell you what is wrong with you, and obviously it isn’t a replacement for medical care. However, you will notice that what comes up in a scan usually makes a lot of sense, and aligns with what you already know about your body. For example, if you’ve been eating a lot of things you know you shouldn’t, you won’t be surprised that it comes up with products to support digestion or detoxification. If products like Ningxia Red, Immupower, Thieves or oregano show up on your scan, you will likely know your body is fighting something.

Scans address short and long term issues. The results that come up first, usually the top three, reflect short term issues. The products that are lower on the list, are usually long term issues. In order to adequately support our body’s systems a protocol must be followed for longer than a day or two, much the same as with pharmaceuticals; taking one or two doses of a medication isn’t likely to have much of an impact.  That is why only scanning every 30 days or so is recommended (there is NO harm in scanning more often, it’s more about ensuring consistency in the use and application of the oils and supplements recommended by the scan) .  The only time you should scan more often than recommended, is if there is a crisis of some kind – an accident, a sudden illness or an emotional trauma.

Because the scans read our bioenergy, it will offer us guidance to support our emotions and body systems in order to empower us towards our goals of overall wellness. We, ourselves, cannot perceive the order of protocols we need to move through, but our bioenergy can “speak” to us through the scans.

It is widely accepted in many wellness communities that health issues are rooted in unresolved emotional issues. Those “top three” results are vital. Addressing unresolved issues cannot be accomplished by following a protocol for a day or so and then changing it up. It is recommended that the top three results be looked up in the Emotions & Essential Oils book, in order to assist in recognizing and addressing the emotional roots.

You can learn more about the iTOVi by clicking on the link below.


If you would like to have a scan, please let me know.  If you are local, I can meet you anywhere, but, even if you aren’t local, iTOVi has a network of wonderful people throughout the country that are willing to scan other Young Living members.  You just need to let me know, and I can help you.  The scan itself will only take a few minutes.  You can expect to remove any Fitbit or Apple watch (or similar devices) and stand with feet apart, while holding the small device in the palm of your hand.  The scan takes less than 3 minutes and the results can be texted or emailed to you.

First published July 23, 2019
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