Enochlophobia and my 37,000 brand new friends!

Enochlophobia and my 37,000 brand new friends!

I try to make sure my readers learn something from my ramblings.  Who knows, without using Google, what enochlophobia is?  I had to look it up – it’s the fear of crowds.  I still can’t believe I went to Young Living’s Grand Convention in Salt Lake City, UT last week.  I went with four of my friends and we joined the remaining 36,995 other Young Living members to learn more about this remarkable company.  It is hard to put this incredible experience into words; it was AWESOME, in the true sense of the word.  I was in awe of the crowds, the speakers, the desert mountains, the blue sky, the educational opportunities, the expo, the camaraderie and above all, the palpable energy emitted by such a mass of  happy, like-minded people.  Oh, and the scent! Everything smelled so good!

It was an exhausting, empowering, emotional and exhilarating four days.  I learnt a great deal, and I am more excited now, than ever before, to be embarking upon this journey.  I have compiled a short list of what I deemed to be the highlights.

The state of the company snapshot

  • 3000+ global employees
  • 5.6 million members
  • 18 corporate and partner farms
  • 15 offices, overseeing 25 markets
  • 200+essential oil singles and blends
  • 600+ individual products
  • 800% growth of sales over the past 5 years
  • Over 250,000 lives changed, saved and empowered in 2017 by the Young Living Foundation

I loved hearing Eric Worre speak about his 28 years of experience in network marketing, and Mel Robbins describe how she turned her life around using the simple and effective ‘5 second rule’. Visiting the Whispering Springs Lavender Farm in Mona, UT and seeing the distillation process of Juniper essential oil was also fascinating – but, not quite as fascinating and mind-boggling as seeing grown men and women on superb horses, dressed up in medieval costumes pretending to joust! It was a very interesting, highly entertaining and educational experience, for sure! I also learnt that lavender vitality essential oil tastes amazing in fresh lemonade!