Life is like underwear, change is good!!

Life is like underwear, change is good!!

For the past several weeks I feel like I have had some kind of divine guide walking beside me; a helping hand that has been steering me, inspiring me, supporting me, encouraging me and even gently admonishing me for my past mistakes.  It is like I have been having conversations with my wiser self and I have finally found a better path (my very OWN Brexit – just kidding); it’s kind of like I’m discovering a different mindset and a renewed purpose.  Honestly, I can’t explain it – but things have been going well (which if you know what we’ve been dealing with lately, you’d be surprised to hear me say this), and it all feels so RIGHT!!

I have always believed in ‘signs’ – I place great stock in strange, wonderful and accidental coincidences… in fact; perhaps me being introduced to Young Living in the first place was because of a simple mistake; my friend accidentally ordered a Spanish version of the Premium Starter Kit (she thought of me because I am bilingual); an inconvenient error for her, but one that has completely changed the trajectory of my life.  Perhaps even the cancer diagnosis was part of a grand plan to give me the opportunity to do good, and help people live a healthier life.  It certainly woke me up to the enormous amount of toxins lurking in practically every consumable product we had in our home, and it motivated me to make the changes I can to protect the boys to the best of my ability.

When I started my Young Living business I went all in; practically from day one.  I love having my own business!! This time I feel like I have truly found my perfect job; Baby Signs involved singing (yikes) and Bricks 4 Kidz was just SUCH a huge responsibility; this job though, is all about making friends and helping people! I just love it!!

Despite loving what I do; for the past few months, I have been feeling like I needed a change – I needed to do this in a different way; MY way; not the way I read about in a book, or on an online course.  I was reflecting on this a couple of weeks ago; it was a Monday and I was driving to my friend’s house, and all of a sudden the words ‘Finding Valor’ popped in to my head! Finding Valor! It just made so much sense to me! It was perfect on so many levels; Valor being my favourite oil and one you’ll never find me without! Valor is what I need to get me through my days, the oil AND the courage – and finding it has been one of the best things that has happened to me since our world was forever changed 30 months ago.

I was certain that it was too good to be true, and that the name would already have been taken by someone else (that’s the British pessimism in me), but it wasn’t!! I didn’t even think twice about it – I purchased the domain name ‘’ within 30 minutes of thinking of the name (you know, because there was bound to be someone else about to register it – ha ha!).

Then, I looked for the Facebook handle. Goodness, I was so disappointed when I saw that there was a rock band in Chicago that had the name ‘Finding Valor’.  I visited their page and saw that they were a group of young men and that they hadn’t posted anything since 2011.  I figured they most likely had disbanded (no pun intended – ha ha!) and that I could just politely ask if they would release the name to me.  Some thought they would charge me a fair amount of money, but I thought I would just take my chances.  I sent them a message and decided I wouldn’t get my hopes up that they would even still be checking their Facebook messenger.  Not long afterwards I heard from one of them, and not only did he help me with the Facebook name, he also helped me with Instagram!

My next project was changing my website – this was a task I found hugely daunting given that I had spent weeks building it from scratch with no prior experience.  I was dreading having to do that again, but still, I knew it would be worth it.  Anyway, I called the company that was hosting my site and asked if it would be possible to switch my A New Leaf Essential Oils website to my new one.  As far as I was concerned, I was on hold while the rep was finding out if it were an option.  5 minutes later, he came back and said ‘Ok, it’s done; is there anything else I can help you with?’ “WHAT?!” Amazing!! See, I told you everything was meant to be!!

So basically, within 48 hours I had it all done; new name, new website, new logo, new business cards, and a new plate ordered for my car!  I am so excited! I feel like it was just what I needed! A fresh start is a wonderful thing!

First published November 8, 2019

What on Earth is an iTOVi?

What on Earth is an iTOVi?

iTOVi is a scanning device that ranks galvanic skin response (GSR) measurements. Galvanic skin response is also referred to as electrodermal activity or skin conductance testing. The iTovi measures those reactions through bioimpedance technology, the same technology commonly used in fitness trackers. During a scan, the iTOVi uses this technology to send stimuli to the body, and can recommend the oils/supplements that would be most appropriate. The makers of iTOVi have scanned all the Young Living oils and supplements, and have a record of all the products’ frequencies; in this way, the iTOVi is able to use this library to match up the scan results to product recommendations.

Let’s look at it another way… have you ever rubbed your feet on carpet and shocked someone?  Yes? This is because we, as humans, are designed to conduct (and produce) electricity.  It is because of this phenomenon that the iToVi scanner can measure your unique electrical frequency and compare it to the frequency of Young Living’s supplements and oils.

iTOVi doesn’t diagnose or treat disease. It’s not going to tell you what is wrong with you, and obviously it isn’t a replacement for medical care. However, you will notice that what comes up in a scan usually makes a lot of sense, and aligns with what you already know about your body. For example, if you’ve been eating a lot of things you know you shouldn’t, you won’t be surprised that it comes up with products to support digestion or detoxification. If products like Ningxia Red, Immupower, Thieves or oregano show up on your scan, you will likely know your body is fighting something.

Scans address short and long term issues. The results that come up first, usually the top three, reflect short term issues. The products that are lower on the list, are usually long term issues. In order to adequately support our body’s systems a protocol must be followed for longer than a day or two, much the same as with pharmaceuticals; taking one or two doses of a medication isn’t likely to have much of an impact.  That is why only scanning every 30 days or so is recommended (there is NO harm in scanning more often, it’s more about ensuring consistency in the use and application of the oils and supplements recommended by the scan) .  The only time you should scan more often than recommended, is if there is a crisis of some kind – an accident, a sudden illness or an emotional trauma.

Because the scans read our bioenergy, it will offer us guidance to support our emotions and body systems in order to empower us towards our goals of overall wellness. We, ourselves, cannot perceive the order of protocols we need to move through, but our bioenergy can “speak” to us through the scans.

It is widely accepted in many wellness communities that health issues are rooted in unresolved emotional issues. Those “top three” results are vital. Addressing unresolved issues cannot be accomplished by following a protocol for a day or so and then changing it up. It is recommended that the top three results be looked up in the Emotions & Essential Oils book, in order to assist in recognizing and addressing the emotional roots.

You can learn more about the iTOVi by clicking on the link below.

If you would like to have a scan, please let me know.  If you are local, I can meet you anywhere, but, even if you aren’t local, iTOVi has a network of wonderful people throughout the country that are willing to scan other Young Living members.  You just need to let me know, and I can help you.  The scan itself will only take a few minutes.  You can expect to remove any Fitbit or Apple watch (or similar devices) and stand with feet apart, while holding the small device in the palm of your hand.  The scan takes less than 3 minutes and the results can be texted or emailed to you.

First published July 23, 2019

Making a Living with Young Living - taking the 'ick' out of it.

Making a Living with Young Living - taking the 'ick' out of it.

Here is another part of my story…

After the cancer diagnosis that devastated our family, a dear friend reached out and invited me to learn about essential oils.  Little did she know that I had been using oils for years and that I would always get my Mum to bring me some from the U.K. every time she came to visit.  After a fascinating and super informative class I left with a Premium Starter Kit and a TONNE of enthusiasm. 

A week after I got my kit, my friend invited me back to her house for a follow up class.   Luckily, I was the only person able to make it that evening so I asked her to tell me how she was earning an income with Young Living.  After hearing her story, I was as excited as I was uncomfortable.  When I realized it was multi-level marketing, I thought – I can’t do that! I don’t want to do that! I didn’t want to feel like ‘that person’, you know the one; the one that people think are just trying to sell you something. 

But I came home and started reading about Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Sales, and Network Marketing (all the same thing, btw).  Months later I have now read many books, listened to countless webinars and purchased many different training programs (this is by no means a necessity to start this business – it was a necessity only for me to convince myself that Network Marketing was a good choice for me). 

Here is one of the first things I realized – what if Instant Pot paid me to tell my friends how much I love their product? I swear – I talk about my IP all the time and I share recipes, and my friends still talk to me!  I also tell my friends about other things that I love; like a favourite book, a new movie, a yummy cocktail, a great restaurant… I do that because I am excited, and I want my friends to experience things that I have enjoyed. Why would oils, or Thieves, or Savvy Minerals, or Ningxia Red be any different? They aren’t! I don’t go around trying to sell stuf to my friends, or to anyone for that matter! I never will.

Once I accepted this and understood the power and potential of this business model, I decided to dive right in!  Most people I know were initially reluctant business builders. They simply loved and used the products. This is one of the extraordinary things about Young Living – its members unequivocally swear by the products and become loyal to the company.   Their loyalty is not only because the toxin-free supplements, oils, and make-up etc are so amazing, but also because the company has a huge heart and supports so many humanitarian causes,  which are managed by the Young Living Foundation (that, however is a topic for another blog).

Many members accidentally start making an income because every time they introduce someone to the company (and that person buys a starter kit or becomes a member) Young Living sends them a thank you check for $50.  If you do that enough times, it suddenly becomes math… and THAT is the magic of NETWORK MARKETING!! It is simple really… you find 4 people who love the products and then each of those 4 tell another 4, and then those 4 tell 4 more…. you get the picture;  4 – 16 – 64 – 256 – 1,024 – 4096 and so on.  John D Rockerfeller said “I would rather earn 1% of a hundred people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts,” and when you change your focus from making money to serving people by introducing them to products they love and a culture they enjoy, you see that this is a wonderful thing.

Eric Worre said “Network Marketing is not perfect, but it is BETTER’.  All of this is why you will not find me apologizing for being involved in Network Marketing – you will find me embracing it as an opportunity to create a legacy for my children, and both time and financial freedom for myself.  The income potential of this type of business is huge! There are real people out there whose lives have been totally transformed, and I want to be one of them.  I am not there yet, but I will be. It may take 4 years; it may take me longer.   If you read this post and decide to join me, it might even be sooner!  

EDITED (02/15/2020) to add: This business model obviously requires duplication. This post was originally published in Jan of 2018 and, as I mentioned earlier, I have read many, many books and listened to countless webinars; which is good - because now that I found one that actually applies to Young Living and actually WORKS - I can share it with you, and you don't need to do the researching yourself.  Here it is! Martha Krejci and her amazing Go for Gold programme.  She outlines EXACTLY how she got to Gold in 6 months - there is no guess work about what to say or do.  It is all given to you - handed to you on a silver (or gold) platter (see what I did there, ha ha)! If you use Facebook there is a free page called #becauseofgary #goldgetters that I recommend you join.  I would love to answer any questions and then link arms with you and DO THIS!! 

Here is a list of the benefits of starting a Young Living business:

  • No SELLING - not if you do it properly! I promise! 
  • Low-cost investment ($165 is all you need to spend to get started)
  • Be your own boss
  • No employees
  • No inventory
  • No shipping
  • No pressure to make quotas or sales
  • Your business can be a global entity
  • You can operate your business purely online
  • You can specialize in certain product lines
  • Earn a residual income
  • Ideal for stay-at-home parents
  • Great way to get family or friends to do the business with you
  • Ideal for health and wellness professionals who want to expand their customer base
  • You get to qualify for company retreats and travel opportunities
  • Professional development
  • Work at your own pace
  • Set your own hours
  • Tax write-offs

How does that sound? Amazing, right? Who wouldn’t want all of that? And, because I have mentioned income I am obliged to share the Young Living Income Disclosure Document.

Here are my favorite books on this topic:

GAMEPLAN by Sarah Harnish

THE FOUR YEAR CAREER by Richard Bliss Brook

GO PRO by Eric Worre

First published January 10, 2018

Filled with JOY!

Filled with JOY!
I love my Young Living friends!! They filled my heart with JOY the other day when they gave me two very thoughtful and touching gifts.  Martha found a perfect magnet for my fridge – an affirmation that I will look at daily and remind myself that I AM TOUGH!!  Rachel found a notepad with one of my favourite quotes written on it – in fact, it is the quote that I chose for the footer of this very webpage!! “And then suddenly; you know it’s time to start something NEW and trust in the magic of NEW BEGINNINGS” – Meister Eckhart.

First published May 31, 2018

What do YOU do for a living?

What do YOU do for a living?

Up until this year I loved answering the question ‘what do you do?’. Shortly after graduating as a microbiologist, I would say; ‘I work for AstraZeneca where I am an Environmental Control Officer responsible for the sterility of a facility that manufactures one of the world’s leading anti-cancer drugs’. In my mid-20’s the answer was; ‘I spend the austral summers volunteering on a nature reserve on one of the most remote inhabited islands in the Falkland archipelago’. That experience completely reshaped my life – it served as a stepping-stone towards the most incredible adventures a girl could ever dream of. For over half a decade the answer became; ‘I am a Zodiac driver and budding natural history guide, working on an expedition ship taking tourists to some of the most remote areas of the world; particularly the polar regions, the Amazon river, and some of the most remote islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean’.

I hit 30 and it was time to grow up and start leading a normal life. I met my husband in the Falklands and moved across the ‘pond’, where we chose the beautiful city of Charlottesville in Virginia to call home. Up until the birth of my second son, I had a normal job with regular hours. I still needed something to do, so I started my first business and then I was able to say; ‘I am an Independent Certified Instructor for the Baby Signs Program’. When my boys got a little bit older, my friend and I purchased a franchise and my answer became; ‘I am one of the owners of Bricks 4 Kidz, we run after-school classes and camps using LEGO®-bricks to teach S.T.E.M. classes to elementary aged children’.

Up until about an hour ago, when people would ask what I do for a living; I would hesitate not being 100% sure what I should say. Don’t get me wrong! I can talk about Young Living and the success I have had using their products for hours. It was more to do with the worry that I would be perceived as an annoying network marketer and that people would assume (wrongly) that I am only interested in getting a ‘sale’. The truth is actually very different. I don’t want to sell you anything, my job is to offer you information, so that you have the choice; to either learn more, or to decide that you are not interested. It is about GIVING (information) and not about GETTING (a new sale). So, now it is with confidence, that I will respond with ‘I specialize in teaching people how to easily and economically replace dangerous chemicals and toxins in their home with healthy, safe alternatives’.

First published September 15, 2018
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