Help ME to help YOU!
I want to support you the best way that I can by making sure you are getting as much, or as little, contact and information from me as you wish. In order to best serve you, I have put together this questionnaire 📃 - it shouldn't take too long to fill out, it is only 4 little questions...⏳

AND - to make sure it is worth your while - I will add your name to a prize drawing for a $25 credit to your account 🥂 (if you are already a YL member) - but, if you have not yet joined, I will send you $25 towards your enrollment kit 🎉. What do you think? I am excited!! 😊

Also - as a bonus, if you go to the blog post below this one, and let me know which text series you'd be interested in receiving, I will add your name to the prize draw again (once for each topic).  I am pretty bad at maths, but those odds seem pretty good to me?!

See the questionnaire below...


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