Life is like underwear, change is good!!

For the past several weeks I feel like I have had some kind of divine guide walking beside me; a helping hand that has been steering me, inspiring me, supporting me, encouraging me and even gently admonishing me for my past mistakes.  It is like I have been having conversations with my wiser self and I have finally found a better path (my very OWN Brexit – just kidding); it’s kind of like I’m discovering a different mindset and a renewed purpose.  Honestly, I can’t explain it – but things have been going well (which if you know what we’ve been dealing with lately, you’d be surprised to hear me say this), and it all feels so RIGHT!!

I have always believed in ‘signs’ – I place great stock in strange, wonderful and accidental coincidences… in fact; perhaps me being introduced to Young Living in the first place was because of a simple mistake; my friend accidentally ordered a Spanish version of the Premium Starter Kit (she thought of me because I am bilingual); an inconvenient error for her, but one that has completely changed the trajectory of my life.  Perhaps even the cancer diagnosis was part of a grand plan to give me the opportunity to do good, and help people live a healthier life.  It certainly woke me up to the enormous amount of toxins lurking in practically every consumable product we had in our home, and it motivated me to make the changes I can to protect the boys to the best of my ability.

When I started my Young Living business I went all in; practically from day one.  I love having my own business!! This time I feel like I have truly found my perfect job; Baby Signs involved singing (yikes) and Bricks 4 Kidz was just SUCH a huge responsibility; this job though, is all about making friends and helping people! I just love it!!

Despite loving what I do; for the past few months, I have been feeling like I needed a change – I needed to do this in a different way; MY way; not the way I read about in a book, or on an online course.  I was reflecting on this a couple of weeks ago; it was a Monday and I was driving to my friend’s house, and all of a sudden the words ‘Finding Valor’ popped in to my head! Finding Valor! It just made so much sense to me! It was perfect on so many levels; Valor being my favourite oil and one you’ll never find me without! Valor is what I need to get me through my days, the oil AND the courage – and finding it has been one of the best things that has happened to me since our world was forever changed 30 months ago.

I was certain that it was too good to be true, and that the name would already have been taken by someone else (that’s the British pessimism in me), but it wasn’t!! I didn’t even think twice about it – I purchased the domain name ‘’ within 30 minutes of thinking of the name (you know, because there was bound to be someone else about to register it – ha ha!).

Then, I looked for the Facebook handle. Goodness, I was so disappointed when I saw that there was a rock band in Chicago that had the name ‘Finding Valor’.  I visited their page and saw that they were a group of young men and that they hadn’t posted anything since 2011.  I figured they most likely had disbanded (no pun intended – ha ha!) and that I could just politely ask if they would release the name to me.  Some thought they would charge me a fair amount of money, but I thought I would just take my chances.  I sent them a message and decided I wouldn’t get my hopes up that they would even still be checking their Facebook messenger.  Not long afterwards I heard from one of them, and not only did he help me with the Facebook name, he also helped me with Instagram!

My next project was changing my website – this was a task I found hugely daunting given that I had spent weeks building it from scratch with no prior experience.  I was dreading having to do that again, but still, I knew it would be worth it.  Anyway, I called the company that was hosting my site and asked if it would be possible to switch my A New Leaf Essential Oils website to my new one.  As far as I was concerned, I was on hold while the rep was finding out if it were an option.  5 minutes later, he came back and said ‘Ok, it’s done; is there anything else I can help you with?’ “WHAT?!” Amazing!! See, I told you everything was meant to be!!

So basically, within 48 hours I had it all done; new name, new website, new logo, new business cards, and a new plate ordered for my car!  I am so excited! I feel like it was just what I needed! A fresh start is a wonderful thing!

First published November 8, 2019


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