My 10 year old loves to set up his own diffuser in the evenings before bed.  Last week I got my Essential Rewards order and I was very excited to finally be adding vetiver to my essential oil collection.  Here is a video of my son using vetiver for the first time.  His comments cracked me up – this oil defies gravity and makes you more patient… I think I NEED lots of this oil!!

He did eventually get a drop out of the bottle and he added 2 drops of lavender to it.  It smelt so amazing that I diffused the same at my bedtime (it did cross my mind that the reason this oil is known to support restful sleep is because you get so sleepy waiting for the drop to emerge)!  It is recommended that you add the vetiver oil to a carrier oil before adding it to the diffuser, or like my friend suggested, you can tuck it in your bra or pocket to warm it up a little first.

To learn more about this wonderful oil there is a recent post on Young Living’s blog; 8 Reasons You Should Be Using Vetiver. 

First published July 9, 2018


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