How my kids made me some toilet cleaner... all by themselves!

How my kids made me some toilet cleaner... all by themselves!
Having the kiddos home, and still needing to do all the things that used to get done in their absence, means that at times we need to get creative with our time.
One of the things that you may have gathered is that I am now a firm believer in removing as many toxins as we can from our homes.   There are so many frightening chemicals in the majority of household cleaners and the effects they have on our bodies (and our mental health) are even more terrifying! 
So, seeing as I don’t use the stinky blue stuff in my toilets anymore, I have started making my own toilet bombs.  They are like bath bombs, but for cleaning the loo – they even fizz and bubble! It is so satisfying to watch.  
This time I decided that I would get the children to help me – it counted for family time, outside time, and it ticked a chore off my massive ‘to do’ list. Win, win, win!
They are so simple and fun to make as well.  The boys, though reluctant at first, had a great time and they even let me take pictures of them! Oh, and they completed the whole activity without bickering too!! 

Here is the recipe we used (one that came directly from Young Living):
Toilet Bowl Cleaner 
YIELD: approximately 20 tablets
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup citric acid
  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • 4 teaspoons water
  • 2 teaspoons Thieves, Lemon, Citrus Fresh or Tea Tree (about 40 drops)
  • 3 teaspoons of V-6 vegetable oil complex
  • Ice cube tray or candy mold
In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients and mix evenly.
In a separate small bowl, combine water, essential oils and V-6 vegetable oil complex.
Pour liquids into the large bowl and whisk together until combined.
Use mixture to fill ice cube tray or candy mold about three fourths full.  If mixture expands, gently repack into the mold.
Let sit overnight to dry.  When dry, pop tablets out and store in a glass jar.
When needed, put a tablet in the toilet bowl to help clean and deodorize. Let tablet sit in bowl for 20-30 minutes to fizz and dissolve.  Once dissolved, flush.
NOTE: This recipe is not recommended for toilet tanks.

'You Get What You Pay For'

'You Get What You Pay For'
Did you know that the vast majority of essential oils on the market today are only suitable for cosmetics and perfumes? The reason Young Living’s oils are so different is the company’s commitment to producing a pure, unadulterated oil. Young Living’s devotion to creating a highly therapeutic product means that the company has invested in their own farms, cares for and nurtures its own plants, trees, and shrubs, before distilling, testing and bottling the oils that arrive on your doorstep. No other essential oil producer owns farms or distilleries.
If at any point in the production process something doesn’t meet its standards, they discard it and start again.  Because of this, our favourite oils sometimes run out.   

Here is an example of how important it is to know the right time of day to harvest the plant, and how long to distil the oil in order to produce the exact chemical compounds that are therapeutic to our bodies.

CYPRESS ESSENTIAL OIL has 280 known chemical constituents.
  • If it is distilled for 20 hours you only get 20 of the 280 properties. 
  • If distilled for 26 hours you get none of the properties. 
  • Most cypress on the market is distilled for 3.5 hours.
  • The correct length of time for distilling cypress is 24 hours to get the full 280 properties.
If the oil is to be of any benefit it must have all 280 constituents, no more and no less.
This process is called Young Living’s Seed to Seal® and it is unmatched.  Every step from planting to bottling is detailed and controlled.  No additives or synthetics are added. 
Young Living (YL) products are more expensive, but ‘you get what you pay for’ has never been truer.  Many of the oils found in supermarkets, or on the internet, are cheap imitations, purchased wholesale in large quantities, diluted with synthetic additives, and rebottled before being sold on.

Some companies may claim that their oils are organic.  Unfortunately, the term ‘organic’ is not regulated by the FDA in regards to essential oils.  They do not certify or grade essential oils, so any oil claiming to be organic cannot be so.   

By applying our Seed to Seal® standards on its corporate owned farms, partner farms and suppliers, Y L ensures that no one has more potent or purer oils.  Managing its own crops enables YL to carefully measure plant metabolism as harvest time approaches.  YL does this by regularly sampling and measuring the BRIX (sugar levels) values of the plant.  Plants are then harvested at the peak of their metabolic processes, thus ensuring that they are producing the most, and best oil, of their life cycle.

This cannot be done without access to the plants and ownership of the farms they are grown on.
This is some of the testing Y L does for every oil:
-Viscometry Measurement Testing
-Light Based Measurement Testing, including refractometry & polarimetry.
-Inductively Coupled Plasma Instrumentation.
-Gas Chromatography
-High Performance Liquid Chromatography
-Automated Micro-numeration Systems
-Microbiology testing
-Disintegration Testing
-PH Analysis
-Flashpoint testing
-Microscopy Testing
Y L runs a minimum of 15 to 20 different tests during the initial testing phase and repeats them three times to make sure results are consistent.
All these tests are done in the Quality Control laboratory. If any of the tests fails, the oils are shipped to the Research and Development lab to be tested by different scientists on different instruments. If R&D fails it, the product is disposed of.
Y L also uses half a dozen external expert labs to corroborate the quality of the oil.  So next time you see a grocery store product essential oil, please remember…… you get what you pay for!

Need a quick recap on the starter kit oils?

Need a quick recap on the starter kit oils?

What on Earth is an iTOVi?

What on Earth is an iTOVi?

iTOVi is a scanning device that ranks galvanic skin response (GSR) measurements. Galvanic skin response is also referred to as electrodermal activity or skin conductance testing. The iTovi measures those reactions through bioimpedance technology, the same technology commonly used in fitness trackers. During a scan, the iTOVi uses this technology to send stimuli to the body, and can recommend the oils/supplements that would be most appropriate. The makers of iTOVi have scanned all the Young Living oils and supplements, and have a record of all the products’ frequencies; in this way, the iTOVi is able to use this library to match up the scan results to product recommendations.

Let’s look at it another way… have you ever rubbed your feet on carpet and shocked someone?  Yes? This is because we, as humans, are designed to conduct (and produce) electricity.  It is because of this phenomenon that the iToVi scanner can measure your unique electrical frequency and compare it to the frequency of Young Living’s supplements and oils.

iTOVi doesn’t diagnose or treat disease. It’s not going to tell you what is wrong with you, and obviously it isn’t a replacement for medical care. However, you will notice that what comes up in a scan usually makes a lot of sense, and aligns with what you already know about your body. For example, if you’ve been eating a lot of things you know you shouldn’t, you won’t be surprised that it comes up with products to support digestion or detoxification. If products like Ningxia Red, Immupower, Thieves or oregano show up on your scan, you will likely know your body is fighting something.

Scans address short and long term issues. The results that come up first, usually the top three, reflect short term issues. The products that are lower on the list, are usually long term issues. In order to adequately support our body’s systems a protocol must be followed for longer than a day or two, much the same as with pharmaceuticals; taking one or two doses of a medication isn’t likely to have much of an impact.  That is why only scanning every 30 days or so is recommended (there is NO harm in scanning more often, it’s more about ensuring consistency in the use and application of the oils and supplements recommended by the scan) .  The only time you should scan more often than recommended, is if there is a crisis of some kind – an accident, a sudden illness or an emotional trauma.

Because the scans read our bioenergy, it will offer us guidance to support our emotions and body systems in order to empower us towards our goals of overall wellness. We, ourselves, cannot perceive the order of protocols we need to move through, but our bioenergy can “speak” to us through the scans.

It is widely accepted in many wellness communities that health issues are rooted in unresolved emotional issues. Those “top three” results are vital. Addressing unresolved issues cannot be accomplished by following a protocol for a day or so and then changing it up. It is recommended that the top three results be looked up in the Emotions & Essential Oils book, in order to assist in recognizing and addressing the emotional roots.

You can learn more about the iTOVi by clicking on the link below.

If you would like to have a scan, please let me know.  If you are local, I can meet you anywhere, but, even if you aren’t local, iTOVi has a network of wonderful people throughout the country that are willing to scan other Young Living members.  You just need to let me know, and I can help you.  The scan itself will only take a few minutes.  You can expect to remove any Fitbit or Apple watch (or similar devices) and stand with feet apart, while holding the small device in the palm of your hand.  The scan takes less than 3 minutes and the results can be texted or emailed to you.

First published July 23, 2019

Support for thinning hair.

I am posting this with permission from the lady in the photos. I am absolutely amazed! I have had several people reach out to me asking about this, and I am so thankful to be able to share this with you so you can SEE for yourselves how oils and supplements can help!

In her words – this is what she did: “I take 6 capsules of sulferzyme 3 in a.m and 3 in the evening. The Super B 2 capsules in a.m. and 2 ounces of Ningxia daily. Nitro when needed. I spray the blend I made on my scalp twice a day but once for sure when I remember. And started using the lavender shampoo and conditioner about a week ago.”

Here are the links to the products: (these links are to the US website, but Young Living is an international company so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, I can still help you)! 

Sulfurzyme Capsules or Sulphurzyme Powder
Super B Capsules
Ningxia Red
Rosemary Vitality oil
Lavender Vitality oil
Cedarwood essential oil
Lavender Volume Shampoo
Lavender Volume Conditioner

To purchase these if you are a member just log in to your Virtual Office and add to your ER order or make it a Quick Order.  

If you are not a member you can learn more about how to get your membership and place an order (members get 24% off retail prices, although you can purchase as a retail customer) by clicking here.

To become a member, use this link:

First published July 14, 2019
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