Why The Baby Signs® Program will change your life!

Reduces tears, tantrums and frustration

Babies don’t have to totally rely on pointing, whining, and crying to get their message across. And parents don’t have to try to guess what their baby wants. When parents can easily meet their baby’s needs, the baby learns to trust that she will be taken care of.

Strengthens the parent-infant bond.

Communicating means connecting. When you and your baby can communicate with one another, your relationship will grow closer and closer and become more satisfying to both of you.

Enables babies to share their worlds. 
When your baby can “tell” you what she sees or hears, you are able to share in the delight of her exciting discoveries.

There are so many amazing stories I can share with you about this! I really enjoyed having a window in to Henry's little mind!

Promotes positive emotional development.

Being able to communicate makes babies and their parents happy—and happy babies are emotionally healthy babies.
Reveals how smart babies really are! 
When babies can “tell” their parents what they are thinking, what they remember, or when they notice something, parents are amazed to learn how smart their babies really are. 

Helps babies learn to talk. 
It has been proven that when parents talk to their babies a lot, it helps their babies learn to talk. Using signs to communicate helps babies form earlier associations between words and their meanings.  
Boosts self-confidence.  

Being able to communicate builds self-confidence. You can literally see the pride in signing babies’ beaming faces when they get their messages across. It also helps babies to express their emotions constructively.
Jumpstarts intellectual development

One surprising research result was the long-term positive effects of signing on children’s intellectual development. Children who used the Baby Signs® Program as infants scored significantly higher on IQ tests when they were 8 years old!

Builds trust between parent and child.

Knowing that their needs are going to be met allows babies to become more confident and to trust that their parent will attend to them. 

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