Viva 5 de mayo!

Viva la fiesta!! It’s a big day today – I am actually writing my first ever blog post having finally finished building this website.  It was a learning curve for me, and one that I really enjoyed.  It kept me busy and out of mischief (and my sensible self recognizes this achievement as having learnt a little something that is a transferable skill).

I just made a yummy guacamole dip and added 3 drops of Citrus Fresh Vitality essential oil.  My father claimed it was delicious, and it tickled me to tell him the reason it was so tasty was because of my ‘secret ingredient’.  I got a big eye roll from him – I think I have managed to successfully talk his ear off with my enthusiasm for my oils.   I wish I had a frosty margarita to toast you all with, but a trusty glass of red wine will have to do. Salud!

First published May 5, 2018


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