I gave my kids liquid courage!

My children were beyond upset with me for 2 full days early this summer and all because I made them sign up to join the swim team. According to them, this was a huge problem because:
a) They were too old to join for the first time at age 10 and 8
b) All the other kids had been swimming since they were 5 (not true).
c) They didn’t want to get up early (but, they are up early weekends and holidays anyway!).
d)  They had never had formal swimming lessons/training of any kind (my valiant efforts didn’t count).

I was presented with that fairly impressive (and convincing) list of reasons why they SHOULDN’T join.  In the end, my reason “Because I SAID SO” was the final word.  I knew in my heart of hearts, that they would enjoy it and I also saw potential in them as swimmers.  Getting them to their first practice (a full 2 weeks after the season had started) was not fun, at all!  They were both understandably nervous (secretly, I was too) but I knew there was help.  It was to be found in the contents of a little brown glass bottle, with a deep purple label.  All it took was 1 drop rubbed on the bottom of their feet and a pep-talk and they did it – they had no idea what was going on; they were completely uncoordinated during the land exercises and equally awkward in the water, but they joined in and I was so proud of them!

Two weeks later and it turns out they love swimming and they are pretty good at it!  They enjoyed the practices, but then we had the hurdle of getting them prepared for the actual race meet.  The entire day of their first competitive meet they were both extremely anxious and complaining that every organ in their stressed-out little bodies was malfunctioning, any excuse to be excused!  An hour before the meet they started to completely unravel and there were plenty of tears and lots of pleading – they were begging me not to make them swim.  It was heartbreaking to see them so nervous, so it was Valor® to the rescue again.  Here is a video of my youngest less than an hour after the theatrics; he was excited, happy and full of confidence! It was amazing!

Lucky for me (and you, as I have a tendency to babble when I’m excited about something), Young Living featured Valor® on their site today and they have written a very informative post that you can read here.  I am certain that I will mention Valor® again because it is such a versatile and well loved oil, but I wanted to share with you how just a couple of drops of this amazing blue oil saved the summer for my family!  Yes, I put the oil on a little pedestal to take its picture! 🙂

First published July 4, 2018


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