Understanding Your Baby's Brain Development 

How could singing to an infant or blowing a dandelion under a toddler’s nose encourage her intellectual growth? From birth, babies are constantly absorbing information and are stimulated by the world around them, basically, the environment into which a child is born begins to sculpt the brain in ways that will have long-lasting implications for its owner’s future. Children have untapped developmental potential – potential that can be realized through fun interactions and challenging experiences during the earliest years. Below you will find the tips I was talking about.  I also wanted to remind you that I have a free 3-day (or 3 part) self-guided course, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more about it, and also to invite you to join my free on-line Facebook community 'Loving M💕ms nurturing little hearts and minds'.

I have put together a self-guided three day course that expands on some of these concepts.  It is completely FREE and I hope it will give you some insight into how easy is can be to nurture your baby's mind and give them a fantastic head start. I put together a little video that explains more about the course. I hope you will find it useful and informative.

To sign up for the challenge contact me so that I can grant you access to this free content.