Wanting to lead your best healthy, happy life and bring the kids along on the journey can sometimes seem a little daunting! From babies... to toddlers... to teens ... I have solutions especially for YOU! 
Let's playfully engage with our children and make being healthy FUN!


From TODDLERS to TEENAGERS: Discover the FIRST thing I believe you should do to make your home HAPPIER and HEALTHIER...

As mothers we have a million things on our plates (and on our minds), it doesn’t matter if our kids are tiny toddlers tugging on our yoga pants, or teenage giants rolling their eyes at us – kids keep us busy, and they keep us guessing. From the moment they entered the world (and even 9 months before), OUR world starts to revolve around them; we keep them fed and happy, we keep them safe and entertained, we keep them clean and comfortable. We want what is best for our children, and sometimes we don’t even realise that some of the things we are doing are not good for our families. Sometimes we wish there were easy fixes, but we don’t know where to start. Sometimes we have the best of intentions but we don’t have the time or the energy to do our research. This is where I want to help you!
I made many mistakes but, I have found simple, practical, and inexpensive solutions that can have significantly positive impacts on your life! Here is a sneak peek of the sort of content you’ll be seeing if you follow me…
I am very passionate about reducing toxins in the home because of my own first hand experience (something I did when my husband was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago). I noticed massive improvements in our moods and sense of well being. I want to share how to make these changes slowly and economically, I made it fit into my budget, I am certain we can make it fit into yours too.
I want to support new mums and babies – I am an Independent Certified Baby Signs® Instructor and I love teaching parents how to reduce the frustration that children (and parents) feel before they can communicate effectively.  
There are other tools that can help during early parenting, for both mum and baby. There are safe and natural essential oils that can encourage sleep, others that help settle tiny upset bellies and stuffy little noses. I want to help you by giving you suggestions on what to try, but to also educate you so that you use only the best oils and apply them safely.
As children get older the challenges change slightly – nutrition is very important; even emotional health and stability stems from the gut. Gut health is essential. Again, I want to teach you how to support your child nutritionally, and seeing as I love cooking, I will be sharing fun, easy recipes and tips on ways to get lots of healthy fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals into their growing bodies.  
Creativity is also immensely important for children – I am still a child myself it seems! I still love to play with Lego® - in fact, I used to own a company that taught the principles of S.T.E.M. using Lego®. My friend and I used to love making up games and activities to play with the kids during our summer camps. I still love to find ways to engage children in active play – the best part is that sometimes they don’t even realise that they are learning. Shhh 🤫! I want to share these ideas with you so that you can do the same with your little ones.  
As kids become older there are a tonne of big emotions and even bigger frustrations (for the child and the parent) – I am in that stage now with my 12 year old! It is wonderful to see him grow up to be so independent and that is exactly why I want to empower him to be able to help himself deal with his own issues. I have been teaching him about essential oils for a while now. He knows exactly which oil he needs to use when he is struggling to focus, which to use when he has trouble sleeping, and which is best for settling his tummy. As a boy scout he has learnt some conventional first aid, but also some of Mummy’s first aid applications too… like which oil to use when he’s over done it in the sun, and which to use if he was not watching where he was walking in the woods.  It is truly fantastic to have this shared interest with my son – and to know that I have given him the opportunity to use some of nature’s best remedies to solve problems for himself.  
My goal is to give you valuable information to make some of the uncertainties of motherhood less daunting.   There are alternatives to traditional medicines and these resources can positively impact many areas of your life - but, education is key! 

This is also not just about oils, it is about choices, it's about shared community and options, ideas, creativity, friendship, support and humour.  I want us to show our kids the benefits of a healthier life-style and empower them to help themselves by teaching them how to support their own health and emotions using natural resources. 

Imagine if your kiddo was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, but they knew where to find a solution to that problem for themselves? What if your child could help their own focus and concentration? What if your tiny first-aider knew what to do if you were to burn yourself while making dinner?  

And what if teaching them about healthy nutrition, the importance of exercise, the healing power of essential oils, and the magic of creativity were super fun?! Sounds great, right? I would love to be your guide and help you and your children to playfully embrace a better way of life! 

How can I help you find fun ways to keep your kids healthy? 

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