We all want the very best for our children. From the moment they entered the world (and even nine months before), OUR world starts to revolve around them; we keep them fed and happy, we keep them safe and entertained, we keep them clean and comfortable. We want them to have the best opportunities in life and we will do anything we can to give them a fantastic head start... I am here to help; I will teach you fun and playful ways to nurture your little one's hearts and minds.


From BIRTH to THREE YEARS OF AGE: Discover FUN, EASY, and PLAYFUL things you can do NOW to support your baby's brain development

As mothers we have a million things on our plates (and on our minds), it doesn’t matter if our kids are tiny toddlers tugging on our yoga pants, or teenage giants rolling their eyes at us – kids keep us busy, and they keep us guessing. We want what is best for them, and sometimes we don’t even realise that some of the things we are doing are not good for our families. Sometimes we wish there were easy fixes, but we don’t know where to start. Sometimes we have the best of intentions but we don’t have the time or the energy to do our research. This is where I want to help you!
I made many mistakes but, I have found simple, practical, and inexpensive solutions that can have significantly positive impacts on your life! Here is a sneak peek of the sort of content you’ll be seeing if you follow me…
I particularly want to support new mums and babies because I know how smart babies are and that there are so many things that you can do to support your baby's cognitive, emotional and social development. I also know that the first three years of a child's life are critical for development, so focusing on this age group allows me to help parents set a strong educative foundation for their little one. Additionally, I am an Independent Certified Baby Signs Instructor and I love teaching parents how to reduce the frustration that children (and parents) feel before they can communicate effectively. Using infant sign language with my children was so incredibly rewarding and satisfying; and most importantly it was FUN, for them and for us! 

There are lots of other tools that can help during early parenting, for both mum and baby. For example, there are safe and natural alternatives that can encourage sleep, others that help settle tiny upset bellies and stuffy little noses. I want to help you by giving you suggestions on what to try, and also to educate you so that you use only the best products available, and use them safely. 
As children get older the challenges change slightly – nutrition is very important; even emotional health and stability stems from the gut. Gut health is essential. Again, I want to teach you how to support your child nutritionally, and seeing as I love cooking, I will be sharing fun, easy recipes and tips on ways to get lots of healthy fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals into their growing bodies - right from when you start to wean them.

I am also extremely passionate about reducing toxins in the homeThree years ago my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and one of the only things I felt I could do to help was to take charge of the chemicals that were being used in our house. It was not too long before I noticed massive improvements in our moods and sense of well being, something I am extremely grateful for considering there is a pre-teen in my house. I want to share how to make these changes slowly and economically, I made it fit into my budget, and I am certain we can make it fit into yours too.
My goal is to give you valuable information to make some of the uncertainties of motherhood less daunting. I want to link arms with you and show you some fun, easy and playful ways to nurture your baby's mind and body so that you can experience a healthier, stronger bond with your little one.

Let me just share a quick story with you - picture this... a little boy (16 months or so) was given a toy clown that he completely loved and carried around with him all day. Come bedtime, Mum placed the toy in his crib right next to him. She kissed him goodnight, switched the light off, and tiptoed out of the room. Several minutes later her little man was screaming. He was so upset - she asked him what was wrong - he looked at her and did the baby sign for 'scared' and pointed to the clown. Mum was able to settle her son simply by removing the toy. Can you imagine if he weren't able to communicate his fear? She would have struggled to figure it out, and most likely would have left the terrifying doll in his bed! Instead, her baby was able to trust that his mother was there to help him. This is just one situation where using infant sign language strengthened the bond between parent and child - I want YOU to be able to teach your little ones how to sign as well. 

Did you know that there are also games that you can play with your baby from birth that will improve their cognitive functions? Amazing, right? I want to make sure that you start doing this as soon as possible! I would like to invite you to get my tips to understanding your baby's brain development.  All you need to do is fill out the box that pops up on this page (don't worry - I won't be bombarding you with emails). None of the things I suggest are time consuming, complicated or expensive - they are simple, and fun and you can easily incorporate them in to your every day life as a loving Mum... 

How can I help you find fun ways to keep your kids happy and healthy? 

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A little bit about me... 

Hi! I’m Gillian; I am originally from the UK but now I live in the beautiful city of Charlottesville, Virginia with my husband, my 2 little boys, my beautiful English Setter and three cats too many 🤣. 
My life has changed so much in the last few years! When I was younger I had some incredible adventures.  I’ve set foot on all 7 continents, carried rifles in the High Arctic for protection against polar bears, driven Zodiacs amongst icebergs in the Antarctic, sailed 2, 000 miles up the Amazon River, spent Austral summers living on a remote island in the Falklands (with only a generator for power), I’ve hiked the Inca Trail and been diving on the Great Barrier Reef.  I’ve camped in the African Bush with only 2 guards (and no fences) and walked more than 90 miles in Patagonia…  YET, despite all these amazing experiences, my greatest and happiest adventure has been that of motherhood! 
I always knew I wanted to be a Mum, and I always knew I was going to find a way to be a ‘work-from-home’ Mum so that I could be the one to take care of my kids. Even before my kids were born I had already decided that I was going to teach them to use infant sign language to communicate with us. I was fascinated by the idea that my non-verbal babies would be able to tell me what they needed and what was wrong – it never occurred to me that they would also be able to initiate ‘conversations’ and share memories and associations with me though!! Teaching my boys to sign was far more enriching and exciting than i thought it would be.
Signing with my kids started me on an extremely rewarding journey of discovery.  Once I realized how smart babies were I was on a mission to find other ways to teach them and to foster in them a love of learning through play and discovery.  I loved finding ways to teach them when they thought I was only playing with them!   My boys are now 10 and 12 and I still love educating them (although I NEVER thought I would be a part time classroom assistant with them both at home studying during a pandemic 😬). Lately, due to a serious illness in our family, my focus has been educating them on the benefits of a healthier life-style and empowering them to help themselves by showing them how to support their own health and emotions using natural resources.
I can help you do the same with YOUR family! Imagine if you knew exactly how to help your screaming infant, because they could tell you what was the matter. Imagine if your kiddo was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, but they knew where to find a solution to that problem for themselves. What if your child could help their own focus and concentration? What if your tiny first-aider knew what to do if you were to burn yourself while making dinner?  
And what if teaching them about healthy nutrition, the importance of exercise, the healing power of essential oils, and the magic of creativity were super fun?! Sounds great, right? I would love to be your guide and help you and your children to playfully embrace a better way of life! 

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