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From DESPAIR to HOPE: Find out how one small change became the catalyst to a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, and more FULFILLING  life... Tell me more!

A little bit about me...

Hi! I’m Gillian and I live in the beautiful city of Charlottesville, Virginia.  You will probably notice that I spell some words differently to you ☺️  – that’s because I am from the UK.  Before moving to the USA I made a living working as a boat driver and natural history guide on small expedition cruise ships.  I had the most amazing time travelling from pole to pole, and going from one adventure to another.

But, eventually it was time to settle down and begin the journey I had most been looking forward to since I was a little girl… that of motherhood! My husband and I have been blessed with two little boys that keep us equally entertained and exasperated! For over a decade we lived a very normal life in our little house, with our boys, our dog and one cat too many.

And then, along came April 2017, when my entire world came crashing in around me; the day when my husband (then 47 years old) was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic cancer.  We had gone to see a urologist and we were expecting a fairly routine diagnosis; the appalling news that we were dealing with cancer was so far from our thoughts!

I remember the feeling of complete and utter shock and dread, a blackness in my vision, my stomach simultaneously dropping and knotting, my hands going ice cold, my entire being suddenly running on some kind of floating auto-pilot; my own voice sounding like it was coming from a distant tunnel...

That fear, coupled with the extreme helplessness that I felt was, at first, debilitating!

I never thought I would find a way to cope.  I was already a bit of a basket case with my crazy emotions as it was! I never thought that, not only would I figure out how to keep going, but I would actually, in the process, accidentally ‘fix’ and improve my emotional state!!

All I really did was ONE simple thing! And I did it because I felt like there was nothing I could do to improve our situation – except accept my new mission; which was to reduce the toxins in my home.  My primary objective suddenly became to protect my family from things that could make them more susceptible to disease, especially a chronic disease, like cancer.  

Maybe, in some crazy way, the cancer diagnosis was part of a grand plan to give me the opportunity to do good, and help people live a healthier life?  It certainly woke me up to the enormous amount of toxins lurking in practically every consumable product we had in our home, and it motivated me to make the changes I can to protect my two little boys.   

I am passionately committed to helping other families do the same, especially families that are on a very tight budget (like we are).  Having this purpose, has been so incredibly good for me - I now have an avenue to channel my focus and energy.  

I have seen some very positive, but unexpected benefits, resulting from these simple switches and there is not a single person out there that wouldn't benefit!

✯ Who knew that making these changes would improve our moods and emotions!?  Who doesn't need help in that area! I know I do with a pre-teen in the house and me hurtling towards menopause at full tilt...🤣

Are you interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle?

Do you care about the chemicals that you put on and in your body?

Do you care about the toxic substances you bring into your home?

Do you have loved ones you want to protect from commercial poisons?

Do you have the best of intentions, but don’t know where to start?

Are you willing to take steps (no matter how small) towards cleaner living?
Is this you? If so, let's do this together!

How can I help you find freedom & abundance? 

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